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About Us

The development of technology and the needs of the IT sector currently plays an important role in all aspects, especially in the digital industry. Business people continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in providing services and excellence, in the modern era the use of data and information centers is an important factor in advancing a business. For this reason, a container that is able to carry out large-scale data storage is needed on a regular basis. Information and data systems function as storage, processing, information networks and data security. Of course, this is a great opportunity for business people to transform in the world of digitalization.

The increasingly complex and growing needs of the digital industry, we PT SMAS actively contribute in developing IT technology in a number of large-scale companies in Indonesia. Established since 2014, we have been an IT company with loyalty and dedication in providing the best quality and service in the form of network infrastructure and IT security services (IT Security).

PT SMAS is the right choice for your business company in addition to providing information technology services, our mission as a flexible partner who can assist your company in providing the right solutions and choices according to needs with the aim of customer satisfaction is part of our reputation.

For the sake of quality and service quality, PT SMAS has certified human resources or experts, productivity of human resources, especially the younger generation, and the development of the IT technology industry is always up to date.

Vision & Mission


Providing service quality exceeds our expectations as the center of IT technology development in Indonesia.


Building long-term relationships between us and customers from the services we provide through the latest innovations and technologies that are solutions to needs.

Why Choose Us

Our Value

In carrying out services, of course, integrity and professionalism are the main factors that form our foundation as a company engaged in IT technology. This is to build the company's reputation and develop a business strategy.

We are here for customers with loyalty and professionalism as a form of our respect.

We exist through creativity in finding innovations in the field of IT technology.

Kami memprioritaskan kejujuran, integritas dan etika bisnis dalam seluruh aspek dalam fungsi bisnis.

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