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The state-owned bank is one of the banks that is known by the public, which has an inherent segmentation, especially as a bank that dominates the market for rural communities, small and micro businesses. This is reflected in the amount of outstanding credit of 80 percent in the small and micro business sector, which recorded around 30 million retail customers through more than 4,000 branches, units, and rural service posts.

With the development of products offered to customers, the need for the best service becomes a priority in managing and guaranteeing banking security efficiency. That way, the bank with the blue logo is always innovating and developing in the use of the latest and greatest technology to improve the ability to apply protection from threats on the network.

To provide all of that, PT Sinergi Multi Adi Solusi with its experience has succeeded in realizing the provision of data center infrastructure solutions in the banking world and producing the latest banking network security tools by expanding the entry-level firewall series which is updated regularly.


Technological developments that affect all fields cannot be separated from the banking world which has the need for data access and security guarantees against virus, malware, spam and other types of attacks. Providing a centralized management system aimed at commanding and controlling the Fortinet infrastructure, this feature serves just as powerful a network security management experience as the hardware-based version.

Banking activities that involve data access are certainly a must to have comprehensive visibility on all Fortigate firewall assets in banking. So that security speeds up the process en to end in the change management section of the internal banking user.


The rapid digitization of the role of network security is increasingly complex, while the danger of cyber crime attacks is increasing, this is the number of cyberattack cases carried out by irresponsible individuals which is disturbing. That way the network security strategy prioritizes network automation which can reduce the risk of HR errors, downtime and misconfiguration. Designed for data centers, MSSPs, virtual security ecosystem cloud service providers, Fortimanager and FortiAnalyzer uniquely provide centralized management of virtual and physical infrastructure.


In advantages, fortimanager is able to manage FortiGate centrally to share objects and FortiAnalyzer is able to receive logs from all FortiGates in real time. The combination of FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager both works well in dealing with possible threats that arise. The available network and security teams have the advantage of carrying out their activities in the form of better visibility.

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