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In digital strategies planning, Heads of Digital Banking and Retail Banking need to ensure that digital identities are integrated into mobile authentication, and authorization standards that provide the highest level of security to their end users, without compromising the convenience of the user experience and minimizing costs.

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Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is the basis of information and data system services. This information technology infrastructure is a supporting process for the running of a system of hardware components, software, servers, storage, network, back up systems, security and IT management.

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Digital Identity

Currently, almost all of its digitalization activities are carried out online, including activities, communication and transactions. Ease, fast and practical become the main offer in the era of the digital ecosystem.

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IT Security

Kami menyediakan solusi untuk IT Security dengan teknologi canggih untuk perusahaan meliputi semua bidang industry. IT Security memberikan perlindungan dan memberikan rasa nyaman terhadap asset informasi dari sebuah ancaman dan gangguan yang akan timbul.

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